Friday, December 18, 2015

What is a Real Estate Developer?

Stephen Reeder is the CEO of The UCR Group, a real estate development and consulting firm headquartered in Southern California. As a real estate developer, Stephen Reeder works with clients to turn their property ideas into reality.

Real estate developers can be either individuals or corporations that aim to increase the value of empty land or unused buildings by reimagining properties. Converting an idea for a building or structure into something tangible is a multi-step endeavor involving numerous business transactions. The real estate developer helps to facilitate the details of this process.

Developing a property may require researching suitable locations, buying or leasing land, acquiring financing, and understanding local building laws and regulations. Typically real estate developers take on the majority of the financial risk in building projects, but as a result, their yield is greater if the project is successful. Real estate developers may also work on behalf of clients, helping them identify and develop properties that will meet their goals.