Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Crossings at Redlands Targets Upscale Young Professionals

A respected Redlands, California real estate investor and developer, Stephen Reeder guides the UCR Group and has overseen high profile projects such as the fully leased Circa 2020 apartment complex. In August 2017, Stephen Reeder and his team broke ground on The Crossings at Redlands.

Adjacent to the 304-unit Circa 2020, The Crossings will encompass 340 units when completed and meet an expanding market niche among young professionals seeking an upscale apartment lifestyle. 

A particular trend involves Millennials looking for apartments with a smaller per-unit footprint and relatively large common area. The two gated developments are situated in an expanding part of San Bernardino County and will be marketed together as Park West Redlands.

Among the amenities that will be offered to The Crossings residents are quartz and granite countertops, high ceilings, walk-in closets, and stainless steel appliances. Shared spaces for residents will include cabanas and barbecues, as well as a pair of resort-style spas and pools. In addition there will be a fitness center, entertainment lounge, and business center. Circa 2020 already offers residents a full range of social activities, from movie nights to cupcake-decorating evenings.

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Rise of Mixed-Use Developments

Seasoned real estate developer Stephen Reeder currently holds the position of chief executive officer at southern California real estate consulting firm UCR Group. Under Stephen Reeder’s leadership, UCR has transformed residential areas by acquiring, renovating, and expertly executing mixed-use development projects.

Mixed-use developments traditionally contain residential, commercial, and office spaces. Blending these types of properties together successfully creates a dynamic neighborhood that attracts renters, buyers, business owners, and visitors. 

The rise in mixed-use developments is due in large part to constraints in affordable construction sites and the demise of large malls. Developers are seizing the opportunity by renovating older shopping malls and turning these spacious buildings into communities with affordable housing units. Entertainment and public green spaces are key components for mixed-use developments since they attract members of the wider community, which benefits retailers. 

Some local government agencies, including in Washington, D.C., are encouraging quality mixed-use developments by setting requirements on the amount of accessible public space for specific renovation projects.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

City of Hope's Beckman Research Institute

Stephen Reeder serves as the chief executive officer of the real estate development firm UCR Group in Redlands, California. A dedicated philanthropist, Stephen Reeder has contributed to numerous charitable organizations, including City of Hope.

Since the organization was established in 1913, City of Hope has been a leading organization for the research and treatment of serious illnesses. Through its Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope spearheads research initiatives to discover treatments for life-threatening diseases ranging from cancer to HIV/AIDS.

The Beckman Research Institute takes its name from its founders, Arnold and Mabel Beckman, who established the institute in 1983. As the first of five such institutes, it continues to delve into the pathology of diseases, explore the links between various diseases, and investigate novel methods for preventing said illnesses. The institutes also share knowledge and research with each other in an effort to magnify their effectiveness.

For more information the Beckman Research Institute, visit

Friday, July 1, 2016

John Wayne Cancer Institute Fights on Several Fronts

As CEO of the UCR Group, Stephen Reeder is developing an apartment building in Redlands, California. Also active in charity, Stephen Reeder contributes to several causes, including the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

The foundation conducts cancer research through its sister organization the John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI), which investigates several types of cancer, including skin, neuroendocrine, colon, gastrointestinal, breast, and prostate.

JWCI partners with the Saint John’s Medical Center with the intention of making advances in cancer treatments. One aspect of this initiative is the Surgical Oncology Fellowship, which trains new surgeons to become leaders in cancer care. So far, some 150 fellows have found positions in the United States and elsewhere.

In addition to its fellowship program, JWCI pioneered the sentinel node biopsy procedure, which is now used across the globe to care for individuals with breast cancer and melanoma. Considered minimally invasive, the technique is used to determine if cancer cells have spread by locating the lymph nodes into which a tumor drains. The presence or absence of cancer in these nodes determines whether or not further tests are needed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Skip Barber Alum Alexander Rossi wins 100th Indy 500!

CEO of the UCR Group, Stephen Reeder is an experienced developer of residential multi-family units. Stephen Reeder has attended the Skip Barber School of Racing, a well-recognized racing school responsible for training multiple professional racers. One Skip Barber student, Alexander Rossi, recently won the 2016 Indy 500.

Held in May, the 2016 Indy 500 was the historic 100th anniversary of the race. Four of the first five finishing spots were held by Skip Barber Racing School alumni. Alexander Rossi is the school’s fourth consecutive winner in the Indy 500. Rossi first entered the racing school to compete in and win the school’s 2006 Karts to Cars Scholarship Shootout, a program designed to help racers transition from racing karts, to cars. Former Karts to Cars winners and Skip Barber alumni include famous racers such as Marco Andretti, A.J. Allmendinger and Ryan Hunter-Reay.

Founded in 1975, The Skip Barber racing school educates students on more than racing, with students also gaining media exposure, financial awards and potentially racing scholarships. For more information, visit

Friday, December 18, 2015

What is a Real Estate Developer?

Stephen Reeder is the CEO of The UCR Group, a real estate development and consulting firm headquartered in Southern California. As a real estate developer, Stephen Reeder works with clients to turn their property ideas into reality.

Real estate developers can be either individuals or corporations that aim to increase the value of empty land or unused buildings by reimagining properties. Converting an idea for a building or structure into something tangible is a multi-step endeavor involving numerous business transactions. The real estate developer helps to facilitate the details of this process.

Developing a property may require researching suitable locations, buying or leasing land, acquiring financing, and understanding local building laws and regulations. Typically real estate developers take on the majority of the financial risk in building projects, but as a result, their yield is greater if the project is successful. Real estate developers may also work on behalf of clients, helping them identify and develop properties that will meet their goals.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Amenities at Circa 2020 Apartment Homes

Having been involved in multifamily real estate development since the age of 14, Stephen Reeder currently serves as CEO of Southern California development firm The UCR Group. Stephen Reeder’s recent accomplishments include the development of Circa 2020, an apartment complex in Redlands, California, that offers numerous amenities to its residents.

Dog owners will appreciate the “Bark Park” exercise area as well as numerous dog grooming stations. The five landscaped social courtyards located around the complex offer occupants space to interact with friends and neighbors, and the mini-basketball courts and fully-equipped fitness center make exercise convenient. Eco-conscious tenants will appreciate the onsite electric car charging stations.

Additionally, Circa 2020 designers kept technology in mind by providing a Wi-Fi lounge and business center as well as multiple USB charging stations. When they want to relax and unplug, residents can take advantage of the lounges and private cabanas available in the clubhouse and resort pool areas.

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